The Rehab Center

There can be many challenges, both physical and psychological, in returning to a fully functional life after an injury. Often, patients develop problems with depression, anxiety, and inappropriate use of medications that complicate efforts at resuming work and normal activities. For patients with concussions or traumatic brain injuries, cognitive and emotional changes can prove frustrating and debilitating. Psychological and neuropsychological interventions addressing these issues can play a dramatic role in enabling successful rehabilitation.

The Rehab Center’s interdisciplinary team includes licensed psychologists who specialize in health
and rehabilitation psychology and neuropsychology. Members of the team provide a wide range
of services, including short-term individual counseling, group therapy, psychological assessments, and neuropsychological assessment and management.

Dr. Brian O’Malley
received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in counseling psychology from The Ohio State University. Prior to founding The Rehab Center in 1987, Dr. O’Malley was on the faculty of the
Departments of Physical Medicine and Psychiatry at The Ohio State University. He has devoted his practice to the rehabilitation of individuals with chronic pain, and those who have experienced traumatic events while
on the job.

Dr. Sara L. Schara McAnulty earned her Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University and completed post-doctoral training in Clinical Neuropsychology at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, specializing in the evaluation and treatment of people with traumatic brain injuries. She performs comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations and uses her observations and findings to conduct cognitive rehabilitation through CogSmart®, assisting patients to develop skills and strategies aimed at enhancing self-efficacy of attention, memory and other cognitive skills.

Dr. Darcy Alexander
earned her Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and completed post-doctoral training in Health Psychology at the University of Michigan-VA Postdoctoral Psychology Consortium. She performs psychological assessments as well as cognitive-behavioral treatment in both individual and group formats.

The Rehab CenterEvaluations:

• Independent Psychological Evaluation
• Pre-surgical Evaluation
• Psychological Testing
• Neuropsychological Evaluation

The Rehab CenterTreatment for:

• Chronic Pain
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
• Depression and Anxiety (panic attacks and anxiety disorders)
• Post-concussive disorder associated with mild traumatic brain injury
• Headaches
• Stress in the workplace
• Cognitive deficits resulting from head injuries, exposure to toxins, electrical shock injuries, and other incidents affecting brain function

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