The Rehab Center

For anyone who has suffered a work-related injury, returning to a productive life can be a complex and frustrating process. Months or years of pain, medications, diminished sleep, declining overall physical condition, and the loss of a life-defining job and work routine all take their toll.

The Rehab CenterCoordinated Care

Some patients are involved in or have completed conventional medical care, but have not achieved the improvements in function they need to get on with their lives. Many experience a downward emotional spiral when they feel efforts to get back to life and work have been exhausted, but they are still sidelined by chronic pain. Some lose hope of ever recovering a more productive lifestyle.

We are uniquely positioned to step in and make a life-changing difference. Widely recognized for its success as an interdisciplinary occupational rehabilitation facility, The Rehab Center combines the skills of a group of highly trained and experienced professionals  -- board-certified physicians, psychologists, a neuropsychologist, physical therapists, a certified rehabilitation coordinator and a certified vocational specialist. The resulting coordination of care at The Rehab Center enables the broadest possible perspective of the most complex cases.

The Rehab CenterTreatment Options

Depending on their individual needs, patients can take advantage of one or more areas of expertise, or be accepted into our Functional Restoration Program (previously known as our Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program), a 20-day plan of coordinated care that combines the full resources of the interdisciplinary team.

Whether a particular situation dictates individual therapies or our Functional Restoration Program, each patient benefits from the collaboration of The Rehab Center’s interdisciplinary team. Through emphasis on healthy behaviors, exercise, and pain management, our rehabilitation team seeks to speed functional restoration and give patients the tools they need to get back to a fulfilling life.

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